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Share Your Screen Personalization With Other Users

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Share Your Screen Personalization With Other Users

Share Your Screen Personalization With Other Users

If you have ever had a situation where another user has perfected the exact screen layout, and you want to use that same layout yourself, but don’t have the time to personalize the forms, then don’t worry.  If you ask the user nicely they can save away that layout for you, and then you can apply it to your screens in a heartbeat through the personalization options.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

How To Do It…

On the form that you want to share, right-mouse-click in the body, and select the Personalize option.


When the Personalization dialog box is displayed click on the Save button on the far right of the form.


This will open up a Save user setup dialog box where you can give your saved screen layout a name and then click on the Close button.


How It Works…

If a user likes you screen layout, and wants to quickly load the same configuration, all they need to do is open up the same form and then right-mouse-click on the body of the form so that the context menu is displayed.  Then they need to select the Personalize menu item.


When the Personalization dialog box is displayed, they then should click the Retrieve from user button on the far right.


This will display a list of users that have saved their configurations that they can double click on.


And then they will be asked which configuration they would like to copy (you can have multiple versions saved away).


The next time that they open up the form, they will have the same format as the user that they copied the configuration from.


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