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Use Lync to Track People Down Directly From Dynamics AX

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Use Lync to Track People Down Directly From Dynamics AX

Use Lync to Track People Down Directly From Dynamics AX

Lync is a great way to communicate with all of the people that you work with since you can easily see if people are available, and then instantly start an instant message, voice call, or a video conferencing session.  It is also fully integrated with Dynamics AX, allowing you to start Lync communications without even having to search for the person within Lync.

This is a great tool for the users because they can instantly connect with other people in the company, especially when you are researching a problem, or want to ask questions about something that was entered into Dynamics AX by someone else.  All you have to do is click and call.


There is one setup step that is required in order to enable to Lync with the people within the organization, and that is to tell Dynamics AX what email address to use for the people when searching for them through Lync.

To do this you need to open up the Worker records, and make sure that their Lync email address is registered against the Contact Information.


You also need to check that the Instant message and Instant message sign-in flags are checked against the Lync email address.


HOWNow when you see any of the users referenced within Dynamics AX, you will see the Lync presence bubble, and if you click on the bubble, you will be able to start Lync calls directly from there.


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