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Document Regulations & Requirements Within The Compliance Portal

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Tip Of The Day - Document Regulations & Requirements Within The Compliance PortalDynamics AX is delivered with a Compliance Portal that is designed to help you manage and track all of your procedures, policies, risks and compliance documentation within a shared and secure location.  It allows you to document all of this information, track the approval workflows, and also link supporting documentation for auditing and future reference.

Documenting compliance is a thankless and time consuming job, but it doesn’t have to be a disorganized one.

How To Do It…

To start tracking your compliance documentation, open up the Compliance Portal and then click on the Internal Controls menu item within the Internal Controls menu group.


To create a new document, just click on the Add Document menu button within the Internal Controls ribbon bar.

When the Create document dialog box is displayed, give your document a name, and then also choose a template that you want to use in order to manage the approval process.


When you have done that, just click on the Create and Exit button to create the compliance document entry.


This will take you into the document detail where you can add additional control data on your document.


If you want to associate supporting documentation, then you can scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click on the Add evidence via URL link within the Evidence group.


This will allow you to link a web page to this document.

When you are done, just click on the Save button to exit the form.


How It Works…

Now you will have a entry for your compliance procedure, risk, or issue.


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