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Link Task Recordings As Evidence Of Internal Controls Within The Compliance Portal

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Tip Of The Day - Link Task Recordings Within The Compliance PortalTask Recordings are a great way to create documentation to support your compliance processes because all of the hard work with the document generation is done for you.  But you can make them even more useful by attaching them directly to your compliance processes within the Compliance Portal as supporting evidence that all required tests were performed.

The next time an Auditor asks you to provide more information, ask them if they have seen the movie… the Task Recording movie that is.

Getting Ready…

Before you start, copy over your task recordings into the Process Documentation library within the Compliance Portal.


How To Do It…

Select the Internal Controls menu item within the Internal Controls group of the Compliance Portal.

When the Internal Controls hierarchy is shown, select the node that you want to associate the task recording with and then click on the Edit button within the Internal Controls ribbon bar.


When the document is displayed, scroll down to the bottom and click on the Add evidence from process documentation link within the Evidence group.


This will open up a list box that will allow you to search through all of the documents that you have stored away within the Process Documentation library.  You can select the task recording document that you want to associate with the control document and then just click the Add button.


You can repeat this process by adding as many task recordings as you like.


Now everything is filed away.


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